Streamline Shutters

We’re proud to offer our wide range of custom-made plantation shutters and blinds for all domestic and commercial applications—indoor/outdoor, and all-weather. In addition to our industry leading manufacturing capability, all of our Sovereign Wood range and Element 13 aluminium shutters are entirely sourced from trusted manufacturers and all of our Fusion PLUS polymer shutters are exclusively crafted by our own partner company.

We offer a lifetime guarantee for our products, as we strive to reinforce our industry reputation and continue to expand our growing list of satisfied clients.


Exclusively manufactured using the highest-grade, fully waterproof and reinforced polymer extrusions. Aesthetically attractive, reliably durable, ideal for wet areas, and available in multiple specialty shapes made to spec.


Incredibly strong, reliably durable, remarkably light weight, entirely moisture sealed and impervious to insect attack. Element 13 aluminium shutters are the perfect solution for all indoor and outdoor applications.


Lovingly crafted from A-Grade American Basswood for its light weight, unmatched stability, splendid colour/grain uniformity, its remarkable resistance to warping, and its reliable stability when cut, shaped and dried.